Society for the Study of Theology


"Congratulations on reaching the Society for the Study of Theology's website. Our next annual conference, Redeeming Human Nature, takes place at St John's College, Durham University from 4 to 6 April 2016. Speakers will include David Brown, Sarah Coakley, Louise Lawrence, Alistair McFadyen and Michelle Gonzalez Maldonado. The conference is designed for anyone with graduate-level interest in theology.

Questions we shall be addressing will include: What is the relation between grace and sin? How should theologians understand human dignity? What is the work of Christ in redemption? How might redemption be experienced in societal and pastoral contexts? What is human nature in theological context?

The call for papers is now closed, but an early booking rate remains available until 23 February. Book by then to keep costs down! We greatly look forward to welcoming you to this conference."

David Brown, President

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