Society for the Study of Theology


"Congratulations on reaching the Society for the Study of Theology's website. Our next annual conference, Thinking the Church Today, takes place at the University of Nottingham from 13 to 15 April 2015. Speakers will include Lieven Boeve, Christopher Cocksworth, Trond Skard Dokka, Mary McClintock Fulkerson and Tom Greggs. The conference is designed for anyone with graduate-level interest in theology.

Questions we shall be addressing will include: How should the excluded church be conceived relative to centres of institutional power? What is the meaning of the priesthood of all believers? How is the church incarnated culturally and socially? How are the visible and invisible churches mingled? What are the implications of the Second Vatican Council fifty years on? What place does ecumenism have in post-Christendom Europe?

The bookings deadline has now passed. We will be thrilled to welcome you to this conference. "

David Brown, President

**Book for the Annual Conference**