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Please read these instructions before proceeding

You are welcome to join the Society as a Contact or as a Member. Contacts are able to book for the Annual Conference, apply for bursaries to support conference attendance, propose short and seminar papers, receive e-mail communication from the Society about its conference and activities, and choose to receive communication from third parties. In addition to these, Members of the Society qualify for a reduced conference fee at the Annual Conference and are invited to participate fully in the life of the Society – including attending and contributing to the AGM.

Membership of the society is open to anyone with a graduate-level interest in theology and we are always pleased to welcome new members. If you are currently a Contact and would like to become a Member please e-mail to receive further instructions.

Membership subscription 

The membership fee is currently £10 per year or £3 for students, although members are encouraged to make a subscription of £10 per £10,000 of annual income. If you have sterling bank account, you are requested to pay your annual subscription by standing order. Subscriptions are due on 10 January annually, and bank details will sent to e-mail to you on completion of your membership registration. International Members without a sterling bank account are able to pay their annual subscription online by debit or credit card, and a reminder of this is sent in November. Membership is activated once the first payment is received.


Membership applications are approved by the committee and need to be supported by two existing members of the society. If you do not currently know two existing members you can still apply and arrangements can be made for your application to be supported by the AGM. Please email for more information about this process.

We regret that it is not possible to gain the reduced conference fee until the joining process, including application, naming of supporters and payment of your first subscription, has been completed.

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