Society for the Study of Theology

Speakers and papers

Since its first conference in 1952, the Society has welcomed numerous leading theologians from Britain and other countries to deliver plenary papers.

66. 'Peace'
University of Nottingham, 24 – 26 April

Alec Ryrie, 'Lovers and Brawlers: A Short History of Protestants and their Bibles'

John Barclay, 'An Ethic or an Event? Some New Testament Perspectives on Peace '

Megan Shore, 'Religion and Conflict Resolution: Christianity and South Africa’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission'

Siobhán Garrigan, 'Peace'

Willie Jennings, 'Reframing the World: Toward an Actual Christian Doctrine of Creation'

Susanna Snyder, 'Creative Approaches to Peacebuilding and Public Theology'

65. 'Redeeming human nature'
St John's College, Durham University, 4 – 6 April

David Brown, ‘Durham Cathedral as theology’

Sarah Coakley, ‘Redeeming human nature according to John of the Cross: an early modern confrontation with “darkness”'

Louise Lawrence, ‘Vital (Johannine) signs: “crip-tic” enactments of a man at the pool (John 5:1-18)’

Al McFadyen, ‘Redeeming the image of God’

Michelle Gonzalez Maldonado, ‘Redeeming race: a theological construction of racialized humanity’

64. 'Thinking the Church today'
University of Nottingham, 13 – 15 April

Lieven Boeve, ‘Interrupting revelation, interrupting Church’

Christopher Cocksworth, 'Considering the Church with help from Dan Hardy: talking, walking and loving in the light of Christ'

Trond Skard Dokka, ‘Ecclesiology and the first article of faith’

Mary McClintock Fulkerson, 'Ecclesiology and ethnography: creativity, challenge and change’

Tom Greggs, ‘The priesthood of no believer: on the priesthood of Christ and his church’

63. 'Speech and silence'
St John's College, Durham University, 7 – 9 April

Robert Beckford, ‘The Jamaican Patois Bible: language, theology and pedagogy’

George Pattison, 'Kierkegaard's silencings'

Gerard Loughlin, ‘Silent witness: speaking the unseen, in heaven and on earth’

Susannah Ticciati, ‘Doctrine in a radically apophatic register’

Randall Zachman, '‘The Word of God is not enough: the role of contemplation and experience in the theology of John Calvin’

62. 'Theology and education'
University of Nottingham, 8 – 10 April

David Ford, 'Church and academy: working relationships and theological rationales'

Mike Higton, 'A theology of the university'

George Newlands, 'The Spirit and the vertical city'

John Swinton, 'On being a disciple when you’ve forgotten who God is: dementia as time for learning'

Laurie Zoloth, 'Just between us: theology as an act of ethics'

61. 'The Holy Spirit'
University of York, 26 – 28 March

Valerie Cooper, '"People of the Pentecost": Spirit and world in African American Pentecostalism'

Rachel Muers, 'The Holy Spirit and the environment'

Alan Sell, ‘The Holy Spirit and the Church: some historical soundings and ecumenical implications’ (summarised in his absence)

Graham Ward, 'Becoming holy: the process of sanctification'

Amos Yong, ‘What Spirit/s, which traditions? The pneumatologies of global Pentecostalisms’

60. 'Holy writ? authority and reception'
University of York, 11 – 13 April

Morwenna Ludlow, 'Biblical exegesis as a way of life'

Walter Moberly, 'Knowing God and knowing about God: Martin Buber’s Two Types of Faith revisited'

Hugh Pyper, ‘The offensiveness of scripture’

Alexander Samely, 'The Bible as talked about: reflections on the usage and conceptual implications of the term miqra’ in early rabbinic literature'

Anthony Thiselton, ‘Reception theory, H.R. Jauss, and the formative power of scripture’

Henk Van Den Belt, ‘Scripture as the voice of God: the continuing importance of autopistia'

59. 'Theology and the arts'
University of Manchester, 12 – 14 April

Richard Bauckham, '"All the trees of the forest sing for joy": God and the poetry of trees'

David Brown, ‘In the beginning was the image: why the arts matter to theology’

Eamon Duffy, 'Praying with images in the late middle ages'

Anne-Marie Korte, ‘Contemporary performative art as materializing and transforming theology: the case of Madonna's crucifixion scene’

Jacqueline Osherow, ‘The Hoopoe's Crown’ (poetry reading)

Janet Soskice with Andrew Lovett, 'Finding voices'

58. 'Trinitarian theology'
Kontakt der Kontinenten, Amersfoort, 30 March – 2 April

Celia Deane-Drummond, ‘The breadth of glory: a Trinitarian eschatology for the earth through critical engagement with Hans Urs von Balthasar’

Larry Hurtado, ‘Who is “God” in the New Testament?’

Karen Kilby, ‘Is an apophatic Trinitarianism possible?’

Marcel Sarot, ‘Trinity and Church: Trinitarian perspectives on the identity of the Christian community’

Pete Ward and Paul Fiddes, ‘The dance of the warrior bride: theological reflections on observed worship’

John Webster, ‘Trinity and Creation’

57. 'Theology and politics'
St John's College, Durham, 31 March – 3 April

John Milbank, 'Paul against biopolitics'
Oliver O'Donovan, 'Romulus' city'
Tina Beattie, 'A fulfilment that is recognisable and yet unknown: Christian teleology and the end of human rights'
Charles Matthewes, 'On political theology after the end of history
György Geréby, 'Some problems in medieval political theology: Carl Schmitt or Eric Peterson'
Scott Thomas, 'Toward a political theology of international relations: justice, peace, security, and economic development in the Ancient Near East international system'

56. 'Celebration and accountability: Theology in the world'
Girton College, Cambridge, 26–29 March

Graham Hughes, 'Faith's materiality, and some implications for worship and theology'
Oliver Davies, 'The interrupted body: theology in the world'
Linda Woodhead, 'Sociology and theology'
Ben Quash, 'History'
Paul Janz, 'Divine causality, world and reason'
Hans Ulrich, 'Waiting for the other Word: God's advent in human preaching'

55. 'Theology and the religions'
Bodington Hall, University of Leeds, 3–6 April

Gavin D'Costa, 'The co-redemptive self?'
Gavin Flood, 'Self and text: towards a comparative theology of the self'
Katherine Sonderegger, 'The people of God'
Randi Rashkover, 'Politics within the limits of philosophy, or how to publicize the word of God'
Aref Nayed, 'Al-Rahman: God the Compassionate'
David Burrell, 'God'

54. 'Thinking through faith: The places of reason in theology'
St Patrick's College, Drumcondra, 29 March – 1 April

Janet Martin Soskice, 'Athens and Jerusalem, Alexandria and Edessa: is there a metaphysics of Scripture?'
Bernadette Flanagan, Una Agnew, Jack Finnegan, 'The soul hath its reasons: epistemological and methodological issues in the contemporary study of spirituality'
Stephen White, 'The problem with scripture and the trouble with metaphysics'
Fergus Kerr, 'A different world: Neoscholasticism and its discontents'
Thomas Kelly, 'Philosophical theology: possibilities and prospects'
Ann Loades, 'Theology: the state we’re in'
David Ford, Linda Hogan, Eamonn Conway and Enda McDonagh, 'The future of theology in Great Britain and Ireland'

53. 'Bible and theology'
St Luke's Campus, University of Exeter, 29 March – 1 April

Francis Watson, 'Deconstructing the hero'
David Horrell, 'Paul among liberals and communitarians: models for Christian ethics'
Christopher Rowland, 'Blake and the Bible: biblical exegesis in the work of William Blake'
Frances Young, 'The "mind" of Scripture: theological readings of the Bible in the fathers'
Diana Lipton, 'Under the pedestal: the Hebrew Bible and the dangers of idealism'
Ellen Charry, 'The law of Christ all the way down'

52. 'Theologies of the Cross'
Henderson Hall, University of Newcastle, 7–10 April

Rita Brock and Clive Marsh, 'Communities of the Cross: Christ, Christa and the communal nature of redemption'
Oliver Davies, 'Silences of the Cross'
Mary Grey, 'The Cross and creation'
Larry Hurtado, 'Jesus' death as paradigmatic in the New Testament'
Peter Selby, 'Reigning from the tree—reflections on the sovereignty of the crucified'
Kathryn Tanner, 'The Cross and sacrifice'

51. 'God'
University of Lancaster, 8–11 April

Nick Adams, 'The knowledge and love of God'
Vincent Brümmer, 'Amicitia dei'
David Fergusson, 'Divine action'
Robert Hannaford, 'The knowledge of things hoped for'
John Webster, 'The holiness of God'
Haddon Willmer, '50 years of the SST'

50. 'Theology and spirituality'
University of Nottingham, 2–5 April

Alan Ford, 'History, Truth and Celtic Spirituality'
Daniel W. Hardy, 'Theology and spirituality'
Mark McIntosh, 'Ecclesiology and spirituality: the Church as noetic subject'
Vanessa Ochs, 'Jewish perspectives on spirituality and healing'
Christoph Schwöbel, 'Human spirit and Holy Spirit'
Denys Turner, '"Then How should I love God?" Meister Eckhart and Thomas Aquinas on rumbling idolatries'

49. 'Forgiveness'
St Edmund's Hall, Oxford, 10–13 April

Peter Selby, 'The merciful economy'
Deborah van Deusen Hunsinger, 'Forgiving abusive parents: psychological and theological considerations'
Haddon Willmer, 'Jesus Christ the forgiven: Christology, atonement and forgiveness'
Christopher Jones, 'Loosing and binding: the liturgical mediation of forgiveness'
Fraser Watts, 'Shame, sin and guilt'
George Hunsinger, 'Baptism and the soteriology of forgiveness'

48. 'The future as God's gift'
Holland House, Edinburgh, 12–15 April

Anthony Thiselton, 'Signs of the times: towards a theology for the year 2000 as a grammar of grace, truth and eschatology in contexts of so-called postmodernity'
Sarah Coakley, 'The eschatological body: gender, transformation, and God'
Peter Scott, 'The future of creation: ecology and eschatology'
Garrett Green, 'Imagining the future'
Richard Bauckham and Trevor Hart, 'The shape of time'
Jürgen Moltmann
Kim Yong-Bok, 'Practice of hope: messianic movement of the people who practice hope in Asia' (unable to attend)

47. 'God's life in Church life'
Hulme Hall, Manchester, 30 March – 2 April

David Ford, 'Why Church?'
Richard Roberts, 'The embodied Trinity'
Esther Reed, 'Authority in church life'
Timothy Jenkins, 'The empirical demand, or the force of the ordinary'
Stephen Barton, 'Forming and transforming the Church in the light of 1 Corinthians'
Nicholas Lash, 'Prophecy and public life'

46. 'The communication of God'
Rutherford and Darwin Colleges, University of Kent, Canterbury, 7–10 April

Alan Torrance, 'The self-communication of God: Where and how does God speak?'
Peter Ochs, 'Religion of the book? A tale of Yale, Cambridge and cyberspace'
Michael Vasey, 'Worship as communication: the concentration of life'
Angela Tilby, 'Life-shaping media and Christian truth'
Jeremy Begbie, 'Play it (again): music, theology, and divine communication'
Michael Nazir-Ali, 'Mission and dialogue in a plural world'

45. 'Anthropology and contemporary culture'
Selwyn College, Cambridge, 15–18 April

Michael Banner, 'Christian anthropology at the beginning and end of life'
Andrew Britton, 'Economic theory and Christian belief'
Vincent Brümmer, 'Religious belief and personal identity'
Gerard Loughlin, 'Ending sex'
Susan Parsons, 'The dilemma of difference: a feminist theological perspective'
Francis Watson, 'Wisdom/folly, power/weakness: subverting the hierarchies'
H.E.S. Woldring, 'Ethnic and national identity in the mirror of the stranger'

44. 'Theology and transformation'
Collingwood College, Durham, 3–6 April

David Brown, 'Transformation and salvation: Facing and understanding change'
David Ford, 'What happens in the Eucharist?'
Haddon Willmer, 'Transforming society—or merely making it?'
Felicity Edwards, 'Transformation of the self'
Stephen Clark, 'Ecology and the transformation of nature'
Stephen Sykes, 'Institutional transformation: power and polity in the churches'

43. 'Who is Jesus Christ for us today?'
Westminster College, Oxford, 11–14 April

Richard Burridge, 'Biblical criticism and Christology'
Luco van den Brom, 'Can anything good come from Nazareth?'
Christoph Schwöbel, 'Christology and Trinitarian thought'
Janet Martin Soskice, 'Blood and defilement'
Stanley Hauerwas, 'What could it mean for the Church to be Christ's body? A question without a clear answer'

42. 'Unity and diversity: God, world and society'
University Hall, Cardiff, 29 March – 1 April

Colin Gunton, 'Particularity, plurality and the transcendentality of the One: Towards a recovery of the doctrine of substance'
Dan Hardy, 'Cosmology and change'
Frances Young, 'Salvation and peace'
Gavin D'Costa, 'Revelation and revelations: discerning God in other religions'
Stephen Williams, 'Society and the dispossessed: a theology of limited hope'

41. 'Sin, suffering and evil;
Kontakt der Kontinenten, Soesterberg, The Netherlands, 6–9 April

Vincent Brümmer, 'Can a theodicy console?'
Mary Grey, 'Falling into freedom: the search for new interpretations of sin in a secular society'
Dan Cohn-Sherbok, 'God and the Holocaust'
Paul Fiddes, 'The vulnerability of God'

40. 'Theology and society'
Gonville and Caius College, Cambridge, 8–11 April

Duncan Forrester, 'The faith is Europe and Europe is the faith'
Andrew Chester, 'The New Testament and society'
Al McFadyen, 'Theology and claims to public truth'
Daphne Hampson, 'Theological integrity and human relationships'
Peter Sedgwick, 'Theology and the state'

39. 'The theology of creation'
Hamilton Hall, St Andrews, 2–5 April

Arthur Peacocke, 'Science and the theology of creation'
Martin Palmer, 'The ecological crisis'
Friedmann Golka, 'Creation and wisdom'
Sarah Coakley, 'Creaturehood before God—male and female'
Patrick Sherry, 'Creation and recreation: the Holy Spirit and the ultimate transformation of all things'
William Shaw, 'The theology of culture'

38. 'Truth and the strategy of theology'
Exeter College, Oxford, 4–7 April

Paul H. Ballard, 'Pastoral theology and doing the truth'
Adrian Hastings, 'Community, consensus and truth'
Brian Hebblethwaite, 'God and truth'
John Muddiman, 'Biblical criticism and truth'
Janet Martin Soskice, 'Seeing the truth'
Oliver Soskice, 'Painting and visibility'
Rowan Williams, 'Prayer and theological integrity'

37. 'The Resurrection'
Devonshire Hall, Leeds, 12–15 April

Robert W. Jenson, 'The community of the resurrection'
Brian Marshall, 'Jesus crucified and risen: scandal and hope of the world?'
N.D. O'Donoghue, 'Resurrection and Kosmos'
Christopher Rowland, 'The meaning of the resurrection'
Nicholas Sagovsky, 'The risen Christ: praise and action'
Tom Small, 'The resurrecion and the Trinitarian life of God'

36. 'Ecclesiology'
Gonville and Caius College, Cambridge, 31 March – 3 April

Werner G, Jeanrond, 'The ambiguity of tradition'
Francis J. Laishley, 'Repression and liberation in the church'
L. Helen Oppenheimer, 'Spirit and body'
Alan P.F. Sell, 'Ecclesiastical integrity and failure'
Kenneth Surin, 'The weight of weakness'

35. 'God of salvation'
Stranmillis College, Belfast, 8–11 April

Gabriel Daly, 'Forgiveness and community'
Alan Elliott Lewis, 'The burial of God'
John Milbank, 'An essay against secular order'
Ed. P. Sanders, 'Justification in Paul: forensic or sacramental'
Peter Selby, 'Saved through hope'
John Thompson, 'Salvation in Christ'

34. 'Providence'
University of Exeter, 26–29 March

David F. Ford, 'Prayer and righteous action'
William D. Hudson, 'Some philosophical problems concerning providential agency'
William McKane, 'Approximations to the idea of providence in the Old Testament'
Richard H. Roberts, 'The "justification" of God revisited'
Christoph Schwöbel, 'Divine agency and providence'
Stewart R. Sutherland, 'Providence and the narrative of life'

33. 'Meaning and truth in theology'
Hertford College, Oxford, 3–6 April

George B. Caird, 'Meaning and authority'
Colin Gunton, 'Creation and recreation'
Anders Jeffner, 'Criteria of truth in theology'
Basil Mitchell, 'Thoughts on the church and politics'
Elizabeth R. Moberly, 'Personal meaning and theological truth'
John H. Thomas, 'Meaning: "god" and "God"'

32. 'The theology of religions'
Florence Nightingale Hall, University of Nottingham, 6–9 April

Robin Boyd, 'God and the gods: a fresh look at idolatry'
Kenneth Cracknell, 'The ethics of interreligious relationships'
Grace M. Jantzen, 'Human diversity and salvation in Christ'
John F.A. Swayer, 'Biblical alternatives to monotheism'
Roger Trigg, 'Religion and the threat of relativism'
James A. Whyte, 'The problem of authority'

31. 'Cosmology and history'
Gonville and Caius College, Cambridge, 30 March – 2 April

Stephen R.L. Clark, 'The household of earth and heaven'
Dan Cohn-Sherbok, 'Rabbinic eschatology and the holocaust'
Daniel W. Hardy, 'The dynamics of creation'
Anton Gerrit Honig, 'Salvation in the context of the modern understanding of cosmology and history'
Nicholas Lash, 'How do we know where we are?'

30. 'The Holy Spirit'
Ashburne Hall, Manchester, 31 March – 3 April

James D.G. Dunn, 'Rediscovering the spirit'
James P. Mackay, 'The Spirit and the Trinity'
Donald M. MacKinnon, 'Theocentric or Christocentric?'
Robert Murray, 'The charisms of utterance in the church'
John Kenneth Riches, 'Spirit and culture'
Walter A. Whitehouse, 'The Spirit and the created order'

29. 'The doctrine of man'
Hertford College, Oxford, 25–28 March

Ursula King, 'Towards an integral spirituality: sexual differences and the Christian doctrine of man'
David McLellan, 'Marx's conception of human nature'
Klaus Schwarzwäller, 'Homo peccator – God's beloved creature'
Stewart Ross Sutherland, 'Optimism and pessimism'
Frances M. Young, 'Adam, the soul and immortality'
Haddon Willmer, 'On joining the human race'

28. 'Time and eternity'
University of York, 27–30 March

James Atkinson, 'Per Christum in veritatem'
Friedemann W. Golka, 'Some remarks on time and eternity'
Brian Hebblethwaite, 'Omniscience and the future'
Alasdair Heron, 'The time of God'
Elizabeth Templeton, 'On undoing the past'
Geoffrey Wainwright, 'Sacramental time'

27. 'Interpretation'
Gonville and Caius College, Cambridge, 4–7 April

John Ashton, 'Tradition and authority in hermeneutical theory'
Walter J. Hollenweger, 'Intercultural theory'
Steven G. Mackie, 'Praxis as the context for interpretation'
Trutz Rendtorff, 'The nature of theological judgment'
Joseph P. Stern, 'Nietzsche's anti-Christianity'
Keith Ward, 'Ontological hermeneutics'

26. 'The question of Christ today'
Wills Hall, Bristol, 29 March – 1 April

Robert Butterworth, 'Has Chalcedon a future?'
Duncan B. Forrester, 'The cross and revolution'
Allan Douglas Galloway, 'The cosmic Christ'
Kenneth Grayston, 'Jesus: the historical question'
Lesslie Newbigin, 'Christ and the cultures'
George McCleod Newlands, 'Salvation through Christ'

25. 'Law'
St Peter's College, Oxford, 30 March – 2 April

Norman Anderson, 'The concept of law'
John Hick, 'Jesus, incarnation and the world religions'
John Randolph Lucas, 'The nature of law'
Robert Chowen Morgan, 'Law, bondage and freedom?'

24. 'The doctrine of creation'
Pollock Halls, Edinburgh, 8–11 April

Peter Richard Balez, 'Ethics and the doctrine of creation'
Allan Douglas Galloway, 'Creation—a theological statement'
Daniel W. Hardy, 'Man the creature'
Mary Hesse, 'Concepts of creation and scientific understanding'
Jürgen Moltmann, 'Creation and redemption'
Douglas W.D. Shaw, 'Process thought and creation'

23. 'The Trinity'
Queen's College, Cambridge, 26–29 March

Joseph Houston, 'Language and method in Trinitarian doctrine'
John Henry Somerset Kent, 'The Socinian tradition'
Jan Milic Lochman, 'The Trinity and human life'
John McIntyre, 'The Trinity today'
George Christopher Stead, 'The origins of the doctrine of the Trinity'
Paul Ziegler, 'The Trinity in prayer and worship'

22. 'Distinctiveness of Christianity'
University of Lancaster, 3–6 April

John Hick, 'Towards a Christian theology of other religions'
Robert W. Jenson, 'Is there a distinctive Christian lifestyle?'
Jürgen Moltmann, 'The crucified God'
Charles F.D. Moule, 'The distinctiveness of Christ'
Ninian Smart, 'The distinctiveness of Christianity'
Keith Ward, 'The challenge of relativism to the distinctiveness of Christianity'
Maurice Wiles, 'The criteria of Christian theology'

21. 'Tension in theology: God and the world'
Oriel College, Oxford, 4–7 April

Hubert Cunliffe-Jones, 'Two questions concerning the Holy Spirit'
Don Cupitt 'God and the world in post-Kantian thought'
Laurence Bright, 'Humanist and Christian in action'
Hywel David Lewis, 'Theology and ideology'
Enda McDonagh, 'Discerning God's action in the world'
John Macquarrie, 'God and the world: one reality or two?'
John D. Zizioulas, 'Human capacity and human incapacity'

20. 'Assumptions and directions in contemporary theology'
Van Mildert College, Durham, 30 March – 2 April

Maurice Wiles, 'Theology as hermeneutic'
Stephen W.Sykes, 'The essence of Christianity'
Christopher F. Evans 'Is holy scripture de fide?'
Nicholas Lash, 'Development of doctrine'
Ernest J. Tinsley 'Spirituality today'
Eric J. Sharpe, 'New directions in mission'
James A. Whyte, 'New directions in practical theology'

19. 'God and experience'
Westcott House, Cambridge, 31 March – 3 April

Illtyd Trethowan, 'What is it to be aware of God?'
Frederick W. Dillistone, 'The theological significance of religious experience'
Rex Ambler, 'Inter-personal relations'
John R. Bambrough, 'Experience and transcendence'
Malcolm Heron, 'Drug-induced experience'
Arnold Bittlinger, 'Charismatic experience'
Ian T. Ramsey, 'Prayer'

18. 'The Christian hope'
Lake Hall, Birmingham, 25–28 March

Ian T. Ramsey, 'The concept of the eternal'
W. Pannenberg, 'Can Christianity do without an eschatology'
G.B. Caird, 'The Christological basis of hope'
J. Klugman 'The Marxist hope'
Ninian Smart, 'Immortality and life after death'
J.H. Hick, 'The case for universalism'
W.A. Whitehouse, '"Things hoped for": questions about our physical universe'

17. 'The incarnation'
St. Edmund's Hall, Oxford, 26–28 March

T.F. Torrance, 'Incarnation in space and time'
G.V. Jones, 'Historicality and Christology'
A.O. Dyson, 'Historical and dogmatic method in Christology'
M.F. Wiles, 'The unassumed is the unhealed'
Thihssen, 'The humanity of Christ as origin of our salvation today'
John McIntyre, 'Representative humanity'
D.E. Jenkins, 'In Christ—today'

16. 'Science, theology and personality'
Willoughby Hall, Nottingham, 4–7 April

A.R. Peacocke, 'The molecular basis of life'
W.H. Thorpe, 'Some aspects of evolution'
C.W.M. Whitty, 'Personal responsibility and lesions of the brain'
T.R. Miles, 'Information theory and comparative psyschology'
D.M. Mackay, 'Brain and will'
David Martin, 'Sociology and personality'
H.H. Price, 'The problem of life after death'
I.T. Ramsey, 'Biology anmd Christian belief: some frontier issues'

15. 'Salvation'
Westcott House, Cambridge, 29 March – 1 April

H.D. Lewis, 'Salvation: East and West'
E.M.B. Green, 'Salvation in the New Testament'
Jospeh Needham, 'Salvation in chinese religion'
G. Ebeling, 'Fundamental presuppositios of contemporary theology'
E.G. Rupp, 'Salvation in the Reformers'
Cornelius Ernst, 'Salvation and the nature of man'
Ian Gregor, 'Salvation in the modern English novel'

14. 'God'
Westcott House, Cambridge, 30 March – 2 April

Gerhard Ebeling, 'Hermeneutic consideration of the Biblical speech about God' (advertised; Ebeling's ill-health led to Alan Richardson taking his place)
J.N. Findlay, 'God, necessary and contingent'
A.M. Farrer, 'The concept of God'
H.E. Root, 'God incarnate'
J. Heywood Thomas, 'Existentialism'
John E. Smith, 'God and nature'
Thomas Gornall, 'The moral argument'

13. 'Faith and ethics'
St Edmund's House, Cambridge, 14–16 April

H. Francis Davis, 'Agape as the root of Christian ethics'
H.J. Blackham, 'Humanist ethics'
H.D. Lewis, 'Christian ethics and humanism today'
G.I.A.D. Draper, 'Christianity and war'
Edward Rogers, 'Analysis of prosperity'
Lawrence L. McReavy, 'Sex and marriage'
D.M. MacKinnon, 'Metaphysics, ethics, and theology'

12. 'Doctrine of the church'
Ridley Hall, Cambridge, 2–4 April

A.J. Herbert, 'The church of Israel'
W.C. van Unnik, title unknown
Michael Argyle, 'A social scientist's view of church'
Thomas Sartory, 'Union of the churches in spite of Catholic dogma'
C.F.D. Moule, 'The Holy Spirit and the Church'
J.L.M. Haire, title unknown
A.A. Ernhardt, 'The form of the church'

11. 'The nature of dogmatics'
Emmanuel, Cambridge, 9–12 April

Alan Richardson, 'Dogmatics and the revolution in historical study'
Piet Fransen, 'The three ways of dogmatic thought'
T.F. Torrance, 'The nature and function of dogmatics'
I.T. Ramsey, 'Dogmatics: a philosophical approach'
L.A. Garrard, 'The dangers of the dogmatic approach to theology'

10. 'The doctrine of man'
Florence Nightingale Hall, Nottingham, 11–14 April

F. Greeves, 'Some questions about conscience'
W.G. Kümmel, 'The Biblical doctrine of man'
William Telfer, 'The nature of man in Nemesius of Emesa'
Bernard Tower, 'Man in modern science'
J.L. Russell, 'The nature of man according to Teilhard de Chardin'
H.D. Lewis, 'Contemporary philosophy and the doctrine of man'

9. 'The Eucharist'
Gonville and Caius College, Cambridge, 29 March – 1 April

E.C. Ratcliff, 'Eucharistic origins'
B. Leeming, 'Eucharistic consecration'
E.L. Mascall, 'Eucharistic sacrifice'
H.F. Davis, 'Eucharistic presence'

8. 'Method in theology'
Florence Boot Hall, Nottingham, 14–17 April

I.M. Crombie, 'Meaning and theological statements'
P.W. Russell, 'Method in the theology and philosophy of religion of Bishop Anders Nygren'

B. Lonergan, 'Method in Catholic theology'
J.B. Torrance, 'Methodology in Reformed dogmatics'
John Baillie, 'Theological method'

7. 'Tradition'
Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge, 25–28 March

J.H.S Burleigh, 'History and tradition'
H. Riesenfeld, 'The biblical understanding of tradition'
???, 'Tradition, church and dogma'
R.P.C. Hanson, 'Scripture, tradition and reason'
David Jenkins, 'Tradition and the Holy Spirit'

6. 'The atonement'
Gonville and Caius College, Cambridge, 2–5 April

Norman Snaith, 'The concept of sin in the Old Testament'
Victor White, 'The psychology of guilt and forgiveness'
H.A. Hodges, 'The work of Christ'
P.S. Watson, 'The atonement and the individual'
F.W. Dillistone, 'The atonement and the sacraments'

5. 'Faith'
St. Edmund's Hall, Oxford, 20–23 March

W.R. Matthews, 'Maurice versus Mansel—a 19th-century controversy'
K.J. Woollcombe, 'Pistis and gnosis'
G.F. Wingren, 'Justification by faith in Protestant thought'
H.F. Davis, 'Faith and truth'
A.R. George, 'Faith and certainty'

4. 'Biblical theology'
St. Edmund's Hall, Oxford, 29 March – 1 April

N.W. Porteous, 'Biblical theology in relation to the Old Testament'
Gerhard Ebeling, 'What is Biblical theology?' (advertised as 'Biblical theology and hermeneutics')
G.W.H. Lampe, title unknown
J.K.S. Reid, 'A Christological pattern for biblical authority'
Alan Richardson, 'The relation of historical to biblical theology'

3. 'Form and content in the Gospel'
Queens' College, Cambridge, 30 March – 2 April

W.R. Matthews, 'The problem of religious knowledge'
John Baillie, 'Liberalism'
R. Gregor Smith, 'Rudolf Bultmann and demythgologization'
G.F. Woods, 'Form and content in the Gospel in the last three centuries'
L.S. Thornton, 'Unity of form and content in the Gospel'

2. 'Doctrine of the spirit'
Queens' College, Cambridge, 20–23 July

C.F.D. Moule, 'The doctrine of the Spirit in the New Testament'
J.H.S. Burleigh, 'The doctrine of the Spirit in the Latin Fathers'
John McIntyre, 'The doctrine of the Spirit in the Greek Fathers'
Gordon Rupp, 'The Spirit and the Word in the age of the Reformation'

1. 'Eschatology'
Queen's College, Cambridge, 22–25 July

William Manson, 'Eschatology in the New Testament'
G.W.H. Lampe, 'Early Patristic eschatology'
G. Florovsky, 'Patristic eschatology—later period'
T.F. Torrance, 'The eschatology of the Reformation'
W.A. Whitehouse, 'The modern discussion of eschatology'
Donald M. MacKinnon, 'Secularised eschatology'

The papers by Manson, Lampe, Torrance and Whitehouse were published as Eschatology, Scottish Journal of Theology Occasional Papers, no. 2.

Many SST papers can be found in the archive of the Society for the Study of Theology in Leeds University Library (Manuscripts: MS 883). There are programmes and other administrative papers for nearly every conference, and all the plenary papers from 1972 are held in the archive. There are abstracts for plenary papers from 1970 and 1971, and copies of Ian Ramsey's paper from 1969 and Gerhard Ebeling's paper from 1955.

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