Society for the Study of Theology

SST / IJST Colin Gunton Memorial Essay Prize

The Society for the Study of Theology and the International Journal of Systematic Theology offer an annual essay prize in memory of the Reverend Professor Colin Gunton, formerly Professor of Christian Doctrine at King's College London. The closing date for entries for the 2017 Prize is 31 October 2017 and the topic is The Theology of Scripture. See the IJST website for further details

Because the prize celebrates Colin Gunton’s contribution to constructive Christian theology, essays should work within that broad area. Entry to the competition is restricted to current students and to those within three years of their doctoral graduation at the closing date. Submissions will be judged on academic merit, and the winning essay will be awarded a prize of £200 and be published in the IJST. Other essays may also be considered for publication.

Essays must follow the IJST author guidelines, which may be found here. Consequently, they should not include the author's name, be under consideration for publication elsewhere, or have been published previously. They must not exceed 8,000 words, including the abstract and footnotes.

Previous Topics and Winners

2016: 'Systematic theology and moral theology', J. Andrew Edwards, St John's University, Collegeville
'Conscience and the eschatological self: the retrieval of teleology in Karl Barth's moral theology of divine command', IJST, forthcoming.

2015: 'The theology of the Trinity', Pui Ip, University of Cambridge
'Re-imagining Divine Simplicity in Trinitarian Theology', IJST 18.3 (2016), 274–89

2014: 'The work of Jesus Christ', Steve Duby, Grand Canyon University
'Atonement and Divine Impassibility', IJST 17.3 (2015), 284–95.

2013: 'The doctrine of creation' Prize not awarded

2012: 'The theology of sanctification', Mark J. Knight, Pembroke College, Cambridge
'Christ Existing in Ordinary: Dietrich Bonhoeffer and Sanctification', IJST 16.4 (2014), 414–35.

2011: 'The theology of providence' Prize not awarded

2010: 'The theology of prayer', Ashley Cocksworth, Trinity College, Cambridge
'Attending to the Sabbath: An Alternative Direction in Karl Barth’s Theology of Prayer', IJST 13.3 (2011), 251–71.

2009: 'Does ecumenical theology have a future?' Prize not awarded

2008: 'What is theological interpretation?', Mark Alan Bowald, Reedemer University, Ancaster ON
'The Character of Theological Interpretation of Scripture', IJST 12.2 (2010), 162–83.

2007: 'The Spirit in the Church', Mark Weedman, Crossroads College, Rochester MI
'The Spirit in the Church: The Universal Christ, Particular Spirit and Christian Unity', IJST 11.3 (2009), 347–64.

2006: 'The infinity of God', Dennis Hou, Thousand Oaks CA
'The Infinity of God in the Biblical Theology of Denys the Areopagite', IJST 10.3 (2008), 249–66.

2005: 'The sinlessness of Jesus' Prize not awarded

2004: 'How is Christ present to the world?', Terry J. Wright, Spurgeon's College, London
'How is Christ Present to the World?', IJST 7.3 (2005), 300–15.