President’s Message

Welcome to the Society for the Study of Theology. Our network of members and conference attendees has grown steadily over recent years, and we are excited about the opportunities that this offers for broader and deeper theological conversation. We aim to make SST a place where theologians from diverse backgrounds and contexts can bring their expertise, commitment and attention to bear on the theological questions that challenge us all – with careful listening, intellectual rigour, and the opportunity for community building. We want all our members to feel supported in their ongoing  theological work, and we are particularly keen to find ways of helping those who are postgraduate students, early career scholars, or otherwise precariously employed. Over the next few years we’re committed to continuing and developing our work on racial justice – within our practices and structures as well as in the theological work done at our conferences.

It’s an enormous honour to be this society’s president. SST conferences and the SST community have been very important to me throughout my career; it’s challenged and enabled me to think harder about what I care most about, and to care more about what I think hardest about – with a widening circle of conversation partners, friends and co-workers. I hope that SST can be that kind of resource for anyone who joins it – for however long – and I’m delighted to have the opportunity to help make that happen.


Professor Rachel Muers, SST President